Life Matters 'What is Life for?'

2013-06-19 The "Life Matters" team were out on the Guildford High Street again today.  We'd been praying for good weather and for 120 homemade, iced cupcakes that we could give out to the unsuspecting public. The Lord provided all we needed! He's good at that isn't He?

The weather was wonderful and an abundant supply of colorful cakes were delivered to the church by the generous folk who baked them.  Isn't it a great thing how God's people can contribute to building His kingdom in so many different and unique ways?  After preparing the goodies and spending some time in prayer, we made our way out to the cobble stones of Guildford's main shopping strip.


Our last outing, at Easter time, involved giving out hot-cross buns and asking the question:  What one question would you ask God?  This time our question was: What is life for?  Once again people were more than happy to take a cupcake and offer a variety of opinions on our question: "For fun..."  "To do good to others..."  For family and friends..."  "To make a difference..."  "To make money..."  "To enjoy yourself...".  Interestingly, there were also some blank stares:  "I don't know...  I've never thought of it before..."  Some people even turned the question back on which wonderfully provided the opportunity to share what life for a follower of Jesus IS for.

Next week we will be back at Costa Coffee on Swan Lane in the Guildford town center for a free lunch and short talk addressing this question. Our prayer is that many curious hearts will come along to the talk as well as the "Just Looking" series of further questioning and exploring of the Christian faith at Costa Coffee in the following weeks.

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