Creation Club

Creation Club meetings are held about once a term exploring various aspects of the creation v evolution debate and their implications.

The last Creation Club meeting took place on Sunday September 24th at 4:30pm. The Title was 'How to make a living cell'. Dr. John Peet looked at the complexity of the living cell including the delicate balance of chemicals and the incredible auto-repair systems. Follow the instructions below to download an audio recording of the session.

This was the last Creation Club to be presented by Dr. John Peet. After many years of driving Creation Club he has decided to retire although he's not hanging up his creation science boots completely! We also hope that the Creation Club baton will be passed on in the not too distant future and the work will continue.

Audio recordings of this and other sessions are below. Please right-click on the 'Download' link and select 'Save target as...' or 'Save link as...' depending on your browser.

Session 30 - How to make a living cell.   Download

Session 29 - Genetics and Anthropology.   Download

Session 28 - Dinosaurs and Dragons!  Download

Session 27 - The age of the earth & human origins. No recording available - sorry.

Session 26a - Carbon 14 dating - How it works and new discoveries.  Download

Session 26b - Archaeology - Supporting Bible history or not?  Download

Session 25 - Fossils - What they really tell us about the history of the Earth.  Download

Session 24 - How unique is our Earth?  Download

Session 23 - The Amazing Cell.  Download

Session 22 - Sex and Gender.  Download

Session 21 - Special Creation?  Download

Session 20 - Chance or design?  Download

Session 19 - How old is the earth? An examination of dating methods and their reliability.  Download

Session 18 - Who's your daddy? An examination of human origins.  Download

Session 17 - Nine myths of evolution. (Incomplete due to a technical issue)  Download

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