As an Independent church the members are responsible for appointing their own Elders, Deacons and staff.  Below are a few details about the Elders and staff so you can find out a bit about them.


 John Benton - Co Pastor


John was a Maths teacher in Liverpool before training to become a Christian minister.  He has a doctorate in science and has a keen interest in the relationship between science and faith.  He came to CSBC as full-time pastor in 1980 and in God's goodness the church has grown over the years.  John is married to Ann and they have 4 grown up children and 3 grandchildren.  John and Ann are regularly asked to speak together at churches and conferences on matters relating to marriage, parenting and family issues.

David Skull - Co Pastor


David has been at CSBC since 2008 after completing his theological training at Oak Hill College in North London.  He trained as a civil engineer before working as a Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship staff worker prior to training for the ministry. David continues to be involved with students as he oversees the church's student work as well as a number of other areas of ministry.


 Mike Parsons - Children's and Youthwork

Mike was born & raised in Guildford and worked in engineering for several years before becoming involved in sound recording and broadcasting.  He then worked for a Christian radio organisation for 14 years before returning to CSBC in 2002.  Mike had worked in children's and youth work for quite a few years as an ordinary church member before taking up this role.  He also visits a number of local primary schools to take assemblies. Mike became a Christian at the age of 14 as a result of the churches youthwork, a couple of summer camps and his brother's conversion story. 

Rosemary Smith - Administrator and Women's Ministry

Rosemary became a Christian at the age of 14 having heard the gospel from a friend on a residential music course, and then reading straight through John’s Gospel! After teaching secondary school mathematics for 20 years, she set up and ran her own business for several years working in the areas of training, inspecting and examining.  Rosemary now works as the church’s administrator, dealing with matters such as finance, minutes, bookings and many other miscellaneous items that help to provide resources for the church members. She is also the women’s care coordinator, working with the women’s care team, in caring for women within the church, offering practical help where required, and seeking to encourage women in their faith and build them up into maturity in Christ.


Adrian Creedy - Elder

Adrian first came to CSBC as a student at the College of Law in 1985. He had not been brought up to go to church but it was at university that he first heard and then accepted the truth of the gospel.  "The Christian Union introduced me to the real Jesus Christ and I realised that the bible described the world and everyone in it (including myself) with complete accuracy. This was compelling truth which just could not be ignored". While in Guildford he accepted that full obedience to that gospel required baptism and involvement in a local church. After living in London, getting married and being involved in a small inner city church for some years he moved back to Guildford in 1995. Since then he has been a commuter to London for his job in financial services.

Simon Brennan - Elder

Simon was brought up in Northern Ireland.  He then studied Spanish and French at Trinity College, Dublin, where he met his wife, Mary-Rose.  They got married a few months after graduation and then went to Spain for three years to teach English in a Christian-run language school.  Returning to the UK in 1986 they settled in the Guildford area where they both began teaching in local schools.  24 years later they're still teaching in local schools but now also have four grown up sons. 



Rob Clarke - Elder

Rob was raised in a Christian family and cannot recall a time that he did not know that Jesus loves him and died for him. It was during his late teens that he came to realise that being a Christian is more than a label - that it radically changes who we are living for - and he publicly declared his faith by being baptised. Since then he has been following Jesus as best he can as: husband to Jo, father to Isobel and Thomas, working as an IT consultant, then as administrator for the London Men's and Women's Conventions and currently as administrator for the Christian newspaper, Evangelicals Now.

Prior to serving as an elder, Rob was part of the deacons team looking after the fabric of the church building which didn't involve nearly as much curtain and cushion choosing as he had feared it might!

Lauren Stroud - Intern

Lauren was born and raised in Guildford and became a Christian through a local church youth group at 14. She has been at Chertsey Street since she was about 17, apart from the three years she spent in Canterbury studying English and American Literature.
Lauren is currently working as the church intern. She is involved in many of the activities throughout the week, particularly working alongside the students.