Recent Sermons

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January 13(AM) The scandalous love of the Father. Matthew 1v18-25   Matt Benton - Download

January 13(PM) The wonder of relationship with God. Daniel 9    Matt Benton - Download

January 06(AM) Two Camps. Genesis 32     David Skull - Download

January 06(PM) Our relationship with God. Psalm 139     Ben Gandy - Download

December 30(AM) Elect Exiles. 1 Peter 1     Jamie Southcombe - Download

December 30(PM) The Man. Psalm 1     Andrew Maskell - Download

December 25(AM) Christmas morning.     David Skull - Download

December 23(AM) Jacob on the Run. Genesis 3v1-55    David Skull - Download

December 23(PM) Christmas Cracker! (Carol service)     Jamie Southcombe - Download

December 16(AM) Sheep Stealing. Genesis 30v25-43    David Skull - Download

December 16(PM) God with Us. (Carol service) John 1v1-9    David Skull - Download

December 09(AM) Family Feud. Genesis 29v31-30v24    David Skull - Download

December 09(PM) The Servant King. Mark 8v11-38    Joe Percy - Download

December 02(AM) Jacob Deceived. Genesis 29v1-30    David Skull - Download

December 02(PM) The Recognised King. Mark 7v24-8v30    Jamie Southcombe - Download

November 25(AM) Bethel - House of God. Genesis 28v10-22    David Skull - Download

November 25(PM) The Purifying King. Mark 6v 30-56    Jamie Southcombe - Download

November 18(AM) Jacob the Deceiver. Genesis 26v34 - 28:9    David Skull - Download

November 18(PM) The Compassionate, Redeemer King. Mark 6v 30-56    Jamie Southcombe - Download

November 11(AM) Isaac and Abimelech. Genesis 26    David Skull - Download

November 11(PM) The Rejected King. Mark 6v1-19    Greg Tarr - Download

November 04(AM) Jacob and Esau. Genesis 25v19-34    David Skull - Download

November 04(PM) The Victorious King. Mark 4v35-5v43    Jamie Southcombe - Download

October 28(AM) The Spiritual Secret. Philippians 4v10-13    Luke Harding - Download

October 28(PM) The Hidden King. Mark 4v1-34    Joe Percy - Download

October 21(AM) Here we stand! Daniel 3    Andrew King - Download

October 21(PM) Jesus - The Opposed King. Mark 2v1 - 3v35    Johan deJong - Download

October 14(AM) When in Rome. Acts 28v16-31    David Skull - Download

October 14(PM) Jesus - The Powerful King. Mark 1v14-2v12    James Southcombe - Download

October 07(AM) The Journey to Rome. Acts 27v1-28v15    David Skull - Download

October 07(PM) Jesus - The Promise King. Mark 1v1-13    James Southcombe - Download

September 30(AM) In Caesarea. Acts 24v1-26v32    David Skull - Download

September 30(PM) Stewarding our Health.    Klaus Green - Download

September 23(AM) Trouble in Jerusalem.   Acts 21v17-23v35    David Skull - Download

September 23(PM) Stewardship - Materialism.   Luke 12v13-34    David Skull - Download

September 16(AM) Encouragements and warnings.   Acts 19v21-21v16    David Skull - Download

September 16(PM) Stewardship - Faithfulness.   Matt 25v14-30    James Southcombe - Download

September 09(AM) Ephesian Pentecost.   Acts 18v23-19v20    David Skull - Download

September 09(PM) Let my cry reach you.   Psalm 119v169-176    James Southcombe - Download

September 02(AM) The Truthfulness of God.   Number 23v13-26    James Southcombe - Download

September 02(PM) The Treasure of God's Promise.   Psalm 119v161-168    Joe Percy - Download

August 26(AM) The Unchangeableness of God.   Psalm 102    John Benton - Download

August 26(PM) The Solid Word.   Psalm 119v153-160    Mike Parsons - Download

August 19(AM) God is Independent.   Acts 17v24-28    John Benton - Download

August 19(PM) Prayer and Promise.   Psalm 119v145-152    Hugh Griffin - Download

August 12(AM) God is Eternal.   Isaiah 40v27-31    Paul Spear - Download

August 12(PM) Loving Goodness.   Psalm 119v137-144    Tony Rummery - Download

August 05(AM) God is Omnipresent.   Psalm 139v7-10    John Ross - Download

August 05(PM) Grace and Grief.   Psalm 119v129-136    John Peet - Download

July 29(AM) God is Personal.   John 14v15-26    David Skull - Download

July 29(PM) Loyal Longings.   Psalm 119v121-128    Mark Donald - Download

July 22(AM) God is Spirit.   John 4v16-26    David Skull - Download

July 22(PM) Loyalty & Judgement.   Psalm 119v113-120    Hugh Griffin - Download

July 15(AM) God is Triune.   John 6v60-71    David Skull - Download

July 15(PM) A Godly determination.   Psalm 119v105-112    Klaus Green - Download

July 08(AM) The One, True & Living God.   Isaiah 36-37    David Skull - Download

July 08(PM) Wisdom without Limit.   Psalm 119v97-104    John Peet - Download

July 01(AM) Who to imitate.   3 John v9-15    David Skull - Download

July 01(PM) God's Word - Eternal & Effective.   Psalm 119v89-96    Klaus Green - Download

June 24(AM) Caring for Missionaries.   3 John v1-8    David Skull - NO RECORDING - Sorry!

June 24(PM) Waiting in Urgent Hope.   Psalm 119v81-88    Greg Tarr - Download

June 17(AM) Corinthian Courage.   Acts 18v1-28    David Skull - Download

June 17(PM) Affliction & Fellowship.   Psalm 119v73-80    Greg Tarr - Download

June 10(AM) Proclaiming the Unknown God.   Acts 17v1-34    David Skull - Download

June 10(PM) The Adversity Gospel.   Psalm 119v65-72    Greg Tarr - Download

June 03(AM) It's too hard!   John 6v25-71    Nigel Hoad - Download

June 03(PM) The Lord is my Portion.   Psalm 119v57-64    Greg Tarr - Download

May 27(AM) The Lord's Prayer.   Matthew 6v9-15    Matt Benton - Download

May 27(PM) Deliverance.   Psalm 126    Matt Benton - Download

May 20(AM) Into Europe.   Acts 16v5-40    David Skull - Download

May 20(PM) Comfort in suffering.   Psalm 119v49-56    Rocco Dalia - Download

May 13(AM) Many parts - one body.   1 Cor. 1v12-27    Luke Harding - Download

May 13(PM) The Wide Word.   Psalm 119v41-48    Rocco Dalia - Download

May 06(AM) How we are saved.   Acts 15v1-16v5    David Skull - Download

May 06(PM) The Word of life.   Psalm 119v33-40    Rocco Dalia - Download

April 29(AM) Mission Follow-up.   Acts 14v21-28    David Skull - Download

April 29(PM) The Word of freedom.   Psalm 119v25-32    Rocco Dalia - Download

April 22(AM) Stoning the speaker.   Acts 14v1-20    David Skull - Download

April 22(PM) Pressure and Promise.   Psalm 119v17-24    Hugh Griffin - Download

April 15(AM) A city mission.   Acts 13v13-52    David Skull - Download

April 15(PM) The Word in the heart.   Psalm 119v9-16    Tony Rummery - Download

April 08(AM) Antioch - a sending church.   Acts 13v1-12    David Skull - Download

April 08(PM) The Way of the Word.   Psalm 119v1-8    David Skull - Download

April 01(AM) He is Risen! Time to believe.       David Skull - Download

April 01(PM) Working out who we are - overview.       Klaus Green & Hugh Griffin - Download

March 25(AM) The Great Escape!   Acts 12v1-24    David Skull - Download

March 25(PM) Sheep and Shepherd.    Greg Tarr - Download

March 18(AM) The church in Antioch begins.   Acts 11v19-30    David Skull - Download

March 18(PM) Groom and Bride.   Ephesians 5v22-33    Gerard Chrispin - Download

March 11(AM) The Gospel is for All.   Acts 9v32-11v18    David Skull - Download

March 11(PM) Head and body.   Ephesians 4v1-16    Hugh Griffin - Download

March 04(AM) The Persecutor becomes the Preacher.   Acts 9v1-31    David Skull - Download

March 04(PM) Potter and Clay.   Romans 9v14-21    David Skull - Download

February 25(AM) Philip, the Spirit & the Ethiopian.   Acts 8v26-40    David Skull - Download

February 25(PM) Saviour & Sinner.   Matthew 91-13    Hugh Griffin - Download

February 18(AM) A new beginning & an old problem.   Zechariah 3    Simon Percy - Download

February 18(PM) Elder Brother.   Hebrews 2v9-18    Johan deJong - Download

February 11(AM) God speaks to all.   Psalm 19    Daryl Jones - Download

February 11(PM) Lord and Disciple.   Matt. 28 & Luke 14    Klaus Green - Download

February 04(AM) Scattered.   Acts 8v1-25    David Skull - Download

February 04(PM) Vine and Branches.   John 15v1-8    Gerard Chrispin - Download

January 28(AM) Martyred.   Acts 6v8-8v3    David Skull - Download

January 28(PM) Commander & Soldier.  Joshua 5v13-15    Johan deJong - Download

January 21(AM) Caring for the church.  Acts 6v1-7    David Skull - Download

January 21(PM) Master and Servant.  Luke 12v32-40    Hugh Griffin - Download

January 14(AM) Persecuted Preachers.  Acts 5v17-42    David Skull - Download

January 14(PM) Father and Son - Family.      Klaus Green - Download

January 07(AM) God's Powerful Presence.  Acts 4v32-5v16    David Skull - Download